Tiktok video downloader

Tiktok archiver and video downloader

Tiktok archiver and video downloader is a tool that allows you to download videos from Tiktok and save them to your device. In the future, we will also launch an account bundling feature, enabling you to package and download all your account data with just one click.

The reasons for choosing TikTok Archive

TikTok Archive is an excellent TikTok video downloading tool, and in the future, it will also serve as a personal account data packaging tool.

No watermark for better quality

No watermark, the videos downloaded using TikTok archive have no watermark, which is something many other similar tools cannot achieve.

Fast Download Speed

Tiktok archive can quickly parse the video information you need, including title, description, cover, etc. Most importantly, you can download this video with just one click.

Packing Feature

Considering the TikTok ban, TikTok might restrict access to US users at any time. We are about to launch a packing feature that can help you download all your information assets on TikTok.

Free Download

Tiktok archive can help you download TikTok videos for free, all you need is a video link.

Convenient and Fast

No need to log in or download any software, all you need is a TikTok video link and a browser to download the video.


No need for any of your information, including name and email, just a video link.

Works with your technologies

Archive your titok account

We are about to launch a TikTok account archiving feature, which can package all account data with one click and download all video detailed information.